Creative non-fiction

Photo Pimthida
Photo Pimthida

Creative non-fiction is a genre defined by what it is and what it is not. It is creative; it is not fiction. What is the opposite of fiction? Fact? But if I say that I’m writing creative facts, it just sounds as though I’m lying. Creative non-fiction is the telling of true stories in a creative way.

At yesterday’s SA Writers’ Masterclass with historian and author, Miranda Richmond Mouillot, I learnt the plot points in a narrative arc: opening scene, crisis, resolution, the dark night of the soul, the sun shines again, the end. Mouillot said that the movie Legally Blond hit all the right points in all the right places.

So watching Legally Blond is on my To Do list, right after my interview with a couple from Iraq for my book, Place of Refuge, a work of creative non-fiction. I have been intrigued by little snippets of their story, gleaned from casual conversation, and I am looking forward to the chance to hear more.


Author: The Curious Scribbler


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