The Curious Scribbler has moved

Hello there, if you’re looking for The Curious Scribbler, she has moved to


The walk to the waterfall always seems to take longer than the return trip back to the car. The unknown is always a little daunting, but one thing that I learnt from Darren Rowse is to adopt the start-up mindset: to embrace challenges and to step forward into unknown territory.

Sure, there will be some failures, but it is more than likely that there will also be some successes. And with that mindset, I’ve taken the plunge to self-hosting my own website.





It’s been an exciting few weeks so far of learning about web migration, creating new pages, thinking about what I really want to say with my blog, heck, thinking what I really want to do with my life.

I would love to have you visit my new writerly home at